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Training for B Tech M Tech Projects in Embedded sytems, DSP, Power electronics, Motor Drives, Control System, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, VLSI, FPGA, TMS320, Arduino, Raspberry pi etc.

We discourage readymade projects

Readymade projects will degrade the quality of engineering

Matlab Fundamentals

Physical Modeling With Simulink

dSPIC Simulink Programing

TMS320 Simulink Programing

Introduction to PCB Design Using Eagle

Professional Design With Eagle

Essentials of FPGA Design

Build an effective FPGA design using synchronous design techniques, instantiate appropriate device resources, use proper HDL coding techniques, make good pin assignments, set basic XDC timing constraints, and use the ISE Design Suite to build, synthesize, implement and download a design.

Embedded System-Microchip PIC Microcontroller With MikroC and Proteus

Introduction to Embedded Systems,
Microchip PIC Architecture,
Introduction to Embedded C,
Programming in C,
Introduction to MPLAB Tool,
Interfacing of Microchip PIC microcontroller – LED’s,
Interfacing of Microchip PIC microcontroller - Switches,

Learn with industry professional. Course for Best of Learning Experience designed with a ratio of 20 % theory and 80% practical.

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