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Guidance on B Tech and  M Tech Projects in Embedded sytem, DSP, Power electronics, Motor drives, Control systems, Instrumentation, Medical electronics, VLSI, FPGA, TMS320, Arduino, Raspberry pi etc.

            We are engineering training centre providing technical support in various technological areas in electronics, electrical and computer engineering since 2002. We serve in the areas namely Embedded system, DSP, FPGA, MATLAB, SIMULINK etc.

            Since 2002, this Learning Centre has been helping students to enhance their skills in practical electronics. We do this through personalized instruction and hands-on training.

           We strongly encourage students to learn the methods for implementing their ideas rather than giving a solution. Our students are made able to realize their novel ideas. 

We Do Not Sell Projects, Only Give Training

Do it yourself, Don't go for readymade


I know this institution and its mentors personally, the way of taking classes and the method they adopted in teaching and training students are really interesting and helpful to me and my friends. I was really impressed with the wide variety of classes offered by them. I had a very happy time with and I am glad to recommend this institution to the budding engineers.

it is different from all other project centers and what makes it different is that it helps students to do their project themselves by proper guidelines rather than giving ready made projects. I thank all the faculties (especially Aslam Sir) who helped me during the course of my project.

what makes different is that the guidance provided help one to understand technical aspects and make projects on their own, rather than giving readymade kits.

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